MASI Auction Rules
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MASI Auction Rules - Jan. 2016

1.    Sellers: 

a.    You MUST obtain a Seller number from the auction Chairman prior to the auction start

b.    Once the auction begins, no Seller numbers will be issued

c.    Each Seller may sell up to 20 items – items 1 – 14 are regular auction items; items 15 – 18 are Silent Auction; and items 19 – 20 are full donations to MASI to help defray the costs of a single ticket for that seller to the Annual Banquet – no exceptions.

d.    Free Move-up:  Each seller is allowed to select one of their own items for the 12:30 table – these items will be sold at 12:30

e.    Seller MUST check all items with the Auction Committee.  Once checked in, an item cannot be removed from the auction without the permission of the Auction Chair.  Anyone removing an item without such permission will forfeit all auction proceeds and will be barred from selling at any future auction.

f.     Payments to sellers will be made by check usually mailed within 7 days of close of auction

g.    Submitting items for sale in the MASI auction signifies seller’s agreement to abide by these rules

2.    Items:

a.    Items must be aquarium hobby or pond related and should be packaged in an appealing way

b.    All items must have a LABEL with a CLEARLY PRINTED (by hand or computer) seller number, item number, and clear, accurate description of the item (common/species name, quantity, sex, etc.).

c.    New or non-standard hybrids (i.e. Mbuna/Peacock crosses, etc.) must be clearly labeled as such.   

d.    The split is 70/30 for pre-registered sellers and 50/50 for those registering the day of the auction, regardless of membership, with a 10% bonus to any items selling over $20; $1 items are full donations to MASI; Items bringing no bids will be disposed at the discretion of the  auction chairman

e.    No more than four (4) items of the same type/species/color morph may be sold (i.e. 4 bags of marble angels, 4 of silvers, 4 golds, etc.)

f.     No sick, deformed or Missouri native species may be sold

g.    Fish must be properly and humanely bagged in proper fish bags, jars (plastic recommended) or buckets.  Double bagging is strongly encouraged.  NO zipper bags allowed for fish.  Leakers/improperly bagged fish will be charged a $1 re-bagging fee for the first bag, $3 for each additional bag.

h.    All equipment must be CLEAN and in working order.  Leakers must be marked.  NO cracked tanks. 

i.      Minimum bids are only allowed on Silent Auction items 15 – 18.  If the item does not sell in the Silent Auction, the minimum will be voided and the item sold through the regular auction unless other arrangements are made with Auction Chair prior to Silent Auction start. 

j.      All items should be tabled at least 30 minutes prior to auction start.  Viewing begins 90 minutes prior to auction start.  Items arriving after auction start will be sold at the end of the auction

3.    General:

a.    The auction committee reserves the right to reject any item or any person from the auction

b.    Move-ups – any item may be called to auction by donating $1 to MASI.  The item will be sold as soon as possible.  Anyone may use this option for any item save Silent Auction items.  Move ups start at 12:30 PM with the items from the 12:30 table.

c.    Shilling is not allowed.  A seller may place a single bid on their own item by announcing with the bid that "I'll buy it back"; but they may not secretly bid on their own items nor may they employ someone to run up the prices on their items.  Anyone caught doing so will forfeit all proceeds from the sale of all of their items and will be banned from selling at future auctions.    

d.    MASI, the auction committee, and the auction site shall not be held liable for any accidents, injuries, damages, or losses which occur during the course of the auction

e.    All Sales are “As is, where is” and all sales are final.  No cancellations/refunds after auctioneer says “Sold”. 

f.     These rules are not meant to be all-inclusive; the auction chairman shall be the FINAL authority

g.    Accepting a Bidder number signifies Bidder’s agreement with these rules.

4. Contact:
a. Auction Chairman at

If you have read and agree to abide by the above Rules -> Open the Seller Sheet