The items below are interactive forms updated for August 2012 for the use of the Missouri Aquarium Soc., Inc.

They employ the interactive from the Adobe Acrobat's PDF format.

If you don't have the latest version of the Acrobat reader, and it is a good idea to check to see if the latest is on your computer, it is available FREE from their web site Here. You don't have to purchase anything to use the form.

The forms are simple to use. Simply click in the line you need to add information and type. The MASI Auction form is setup to fill in 20 labels on the 2nd page for the typical MASI Auctions. You need to cut them apart and tape them on your items.
Printer settings must be so there is no compression of the PDF file. Please uncheck the "Shrink To Fit Page" button in the Properties of your Printer Settings before printing.

You need to get your Auction Sellers number from the Auction Chairman. Printing the forms with your information should be straight forward just like printing any other Acrobat PDF Document.

This is a new form. Your old saved forms don't have the 2 new slots. Update Documents folder or on your Desk Top for future use. The data you enter will not remain unless you are using one of the Adobe Acrobat applications, but the form will be available to you if there is a problem with the website.

Either I or the club will be making small changes to the Forms from time to time. Although they may be saved to and used from your computer, you should come back to this page and check for new versions at least monthly.

MASI HAP Form | MASI BAP Form MASI Bowl Show Form MASI Auction Form

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